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Journal your way to success with your personal life coach in a journal!

Life is a series of events. Some are good, some are challenging and some seem endless. This journal was created to bring awareness of what is going on within us, so we can start to consciously design our thoughts and behaviors to match our goals & dreams. It provides life long tools to help along the way, like learning how to deal with difficult emotions & lowering daily stress. You reach moments of clarity & create more choice, you connect with your inner wisdom to create strong helpful habits and you get to design a personal tailored action plan, that helps you move through life’s changes and stuck moments into a life you love. This journal walks you through six fundamental personal growth phases, which here at Empower Change Journal we call “The six phases of inner change”.

Afterall, it’s the inner change that creates the outer change! 

A self-reflection journal and action planner all in one

6 months filled with multiple weekly exercises, reflection questions and motivational quotes. By simply journaling a few minutes a day, you will slowly feel small shifts happening. 

Take charge of your life today and create a better tomorrow!

Not what I expected at all. It's definitely more than a journal. I would describe it as a guide/workbook that helped me self reflect in a way I've never done before.


Very spacious and easy to follow!


All I can say is prepare to get challenged and really get to know yourself in a deeper level.


Very unique journal. Especially how they've put the 6 phases together to help you in your self development journey.